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Elements Cover Reveal

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous cover! Elements official release is 31 January 2022.

How to Deal with Rejection

Rejection hurts, and yet if we don’t learn how to deal with it, our growth and development would be stunted.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

My review of this super hype book.

Tune in to the Podcast

In the podcast, I interview women in Southeast Asia to bring their unique stories and experiences to empower other women in this region of the world.

Music and Performing Arts

The Last Five Years is my most recent musical project. It streamed on Kiostix from 25 June 2021 – 9 July 2021.

Mad Tea Book Club

It’s always been one of my dreams to have my own book club! The Mad Tea Book Club is Co-Founded in March 2021 by Sherry (The Cozy Library), Krisandryka Wjaya, and myself.

Mad Tea Book Club August 2021 Meeting with guests Jesse Q Sutanto and Natasha Sondakh

New Video Series: Marketing Chill Chats

You have the great opportunity to learn from the one and only marketing guru (and my mentor) Frances Bowden Affandy for free via this video series!

Part 1 of 9. Expectations & Perceptions