You are Beautiful

no matter what.

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Pluck, Cut, Pluck, A Monologue

A young woman struggles with all the hair on her face, questioning ideals of beauty and logistical costs of those ideals.

Sketches and Regrets

An exhibition at Villa Gupondoro, consisting of Oky’s sketches and my writings about our short time together. Omah Library eventually published the book in November 2020.

Movie Review: Raya and the Last Dragon

Finally Disney does Southeast Asia! Five stars. I haven’t been this happy since Frozen came out in 2013.

Tune in to the Podcast

In the podcast, I interview women in Southeast Asia to bring their unique stories and experiences to empower other women in this region of the world.

Music and Performing Arts

To see highlights of my journey in music and performing arts encompassing 13 years from 2007-2020, visit this page.

Mad Tea Book Club

It’s always been one of my dreams to have my own book club! The Mad Tea Book Club is Co-Founded in March 2021 by Sherry (The Cozy Library), Krisandryka Wjaya, and myself.