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While We Still Can, a poem

Here we all are

so lucky to be alive and alright

at the end of one long long year

where darkness was absolute

but kindness overcame fear.

Here we all are,

hoping for a kinder year

praying for those we hold dear.

And if tomorrow does not come

if next year proves harsher than this one

if those we love leave us

and everything we work for is lost?

Well, bear it we must

and bear it we shall

a day at a time

while we still can.

A poem for the new year.

2 thoughts on “While We Still Can, a poem

  1. Very nice poem! One day at a time indeed. How poetry allows us to open all the windows at once, eh.

    1. Thank you! Yes, its a commitment to the utter darkness many felt in 2020, and an acknowledgment to the hardships many more will feel in 2021. I don’t think its going to be much better than 2020. But if we’re still here then i suppose we keep going 🙂

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