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Moon Flower Goddess – Podcast Episode 3

Putu Sandra Devindriati Kusuma

The island of Bali in Indonesia is one of the world’s best tourism destinations. I visit Bali regularly, and was always interested to know more about the local beliefs there. So I interviewed Putu Sandra Devindriati Kusuma, whose name means Moon Flower Goddess, to share a bit about her life and philosophies as a Balinese woman. Listen to this episode with an open mind and you will enjoy the beauty of Bali through her voice.

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Visit Sandra at her instagram account: @putu.sandra.

2 thoughts on “Moon Flower Goddess – Podcast Episode 3

  1. Well done, Miss Moon Flower and Miss Airin!

    I do love the fluidity of cultural traditions in Indonesia–largely generated by people falling in love! — and the acceptance of these diversities here.

    English doesnt have the precise language to capture the variety of family that for instance Moon Flower enjoys: Big Family, little family; you used “tribe” as well!


    1. Very glad you enjoyed the episode Frances! I enjoyed learning more about Balinese philosophies and culture from her also.

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