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Meatless Monday Challenge

The most recent episode of my podcast was launched on Earth Day. I interviewed Alexandra Iskandar on her sustainable lifestyle, and asked her for tips on how the average person could start their sustainable living journey. One of the tips she gave was the #meatlessmonday challenge.


Because research shows that livestock production and transportation contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than plant based foods. Climate change can be traced to what we eat for lunch! Golly.

I was inspired by these facts which Alessa shared in the podcast to try Meatless Monday with my husband Cung. We did it on and off for the past couple of weeks, with not much regularity and discipline, I am afraid to admit. However, I’m not going to give up!

I have always been of the mind that to achieve our goals, it’s easier when done in a supportive community. So I decided to invite a couple more like minded people to try the challenge. We will begin Monday, April 26, and attempt to stick to Meatless Monday four Mondays in a row until May 17.

Note: The supportive community will be done via Whatsapp Group for 1 month. Please only join this challenge if you truly have an intention to live a more ecologically friendly life by changing your eating habits.

If you are serious about it, and think the supportive community would help you, then contact me to join! Let’s take our small steps towards sustainable lifestyle together.

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