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The Last Five Years Producer Speech

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Airin Efferin, your friendly host for tonight’s yet another Zoom session. In the context of The Last Five Years production though, I am your UNFRIENDLIEST MEANEST BITCHIEST co-producer. While we wait for some people to enter, let me show you this picture.

Andrea Miranda as Cathy Hyatt, The Last Five Years (table read)

This was the table read in 27 February 2021. A table read is the first time the whole cast and crew go through the script from beginning to end. This table read was done via zoom, just like now, and so this production is truly a pandemic production. It was concepted, designed, executed, filmed, and streamed during the coronavirus pandemic.

For all the people involved in this production, from volunteers to severely underpaid workers, think about that for a moment. You created an awesome show during one of the most challenging times of human history. It’s easy to create when times are good. It’s not easy to create in hardship. And yet, that’s what all of you did.

So I hope you are sitting straight and feeling real proud of yourselves, because look what you did – look what we did. I hope that some years down the road, whenever you’re feeling stumped or blocked or like you want to give up, just remind yourselves about this project. Remind yourself that you were a part of something that at first seemed truly impossible. Something that created history (at least, musical theatre history – in Indonesia ) and remember that you CAN.

If you can do this, who knows what else you will be able to do.

This producer speech was written for the online premiere of The Last Five Years (June – July 2021). Streaming tickets are still available now at Kiostix. Support us by buying and watching online!

2 thoughts on “The Last Five Years Producer Speech

  1. “It’s easy to create when times are good. It’s not easy to create in hardship.”
    You said that the other night, and I so wanted to interrupt–you know me!–I think you are incorrect!

    I have seen SO MUCH CREATIVITY–much from YOUR HAND– during the “hardship.”
    Really! Would you have done everything that you have done, plus get married??–if times had been “normal.” I can hear you say how busy you would have been with the concert season, or how busy the orch members were with teaching, practicing, on and on and on.

    Many of our friends have started new endeavors–in my orbit mostly culinary. My daughter in law earned a teaching certificate and started her new business. Too many examples to display here. You yourself started a podcast (8 completed), written 2 books and a dozen poems, made 2 stage productions, planted and tended a garden, made and sold jam…And probably some stuff I dont even know about!

    Please re-think creativity! Creativity is NOT a leisure activity! Remember “mother of invention”?

    1. Amen!!!!!! Thank you Frances for always pushing the limits of my thinking 🥰😘🙏🙏🙏

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