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Puppy Mom Life

The end of 2021 ushered in something new for me and hubby. We decided to buy a chow chow puppy (read: fluffies). Yes, it’s puppy mom life for the next couple of months.

Why chow chow, you might ask? Other than the obvious cuteness of this breed’s appearance (their fluffy hair and facial structure makes them look bearish), I actually grew up with two chow chows wayyy back during junior high and high school. My family had Vegas and Venus, two brown babies from the same litter. So it was a bit of nostalgia slash something innate in myself that wanted to have another furry buddy around.

When we found a black chow-chow puppy whose breed and temperament seemed quite to our liking, we decided to bring him home. Thus started my puppy mom life.

Growing up with dogs, I had never really been the one in charge of taking care of the dogs. Even Rimsky, my now 12 years old golden retriever was largely taken care of by my late husband Oky and now by my dad. And it had been a long time since Rimsky was a pup. In a way, I had a lot of learning to do, almost as much as Kofie (the new pup)!

A lot of people say that when you (attempt) to take care of a puppy right, it’s very much like taking care of a baby. The wonderful thing is dogs mature much faster than humans, so puppyhood isn’t half as long. I can now understand this (night time anxiety, constant supervision, etc etc etc) and I think can begin to understand a bit of what my friends’ go through who take care of babies. Goodness. Young moms, you rock.

In the meanwhile, Kofie is about to eat bat poop so I gotta go!

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  1. Go! Yes a 1 year old homo sapian might also be interested in eating bat poop

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