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Shades of Magic Fanfic

premise : Rhy helps Lila dress to kill

“I know how to kill, Rhy.” Lila Bard pointed out to the Prince, no, the King. Who surely had to have better things on his agenda rather than bicker over her outfit and make-up for his coronation ceremony? It’s his coronation ceremony after all, not hers.

“Rest assured I remember, very well, that fact about you,” Rhy flashed a rakish smile while applying kohl on Lila’s eyes. If only she would stay still. The woman kept fidgeting, one hand playing with her knife (even though her eyes were closed); one foot tapping impatiently. “There are, however, different ways to kill, Delilah Bard. Knives, black magic, those are all best behind us, aren’t they? Tonight, you will dress to kill.”

Rhy had chosen one of the late Queen’s dresses, repurposed it so that one could absolutely, most definitely, still swordfight in it. Not that they were expecting trouble at the coronation, but just in case. Lila twirled the knife in her hand, then threw it to slice into one of Rhy’s pillows. Right in the middle of his bed.

“Hey, I could have been there,” complained Alucard, looking up from grooming Esa the white cat. Both were draped in feline manner across the soft velvet couch. The only person of their circle not in the King’s chambers was Kell.

“I think that was her point,” Rhy petted Lila’s jutting cheekbones with crushed rose petal powder. She made a threatening noise from the bottom of her throat. “Now now, I am the King, and no apparent heir as of yet.”

“Well, I’m Lila Bard, and I don’t give a -” she couldn’t finish her punchline sentence, because Rhy had sprayed some icemint fresheners into her mouth. Lila wheezed angrily, wishing she hadn’t thrown her knife away. Coughing into her empty hand, she turned her palm and smeared away the colors Rhy had carefully dabbed on her lips. Serves him right.

The King sighed. This wasn’t going quite as planned, and the ceremony was this evening. Time to call on the trump card: his brother. Rhy pinched his forearm in a sharp and quick movement, drawing the tiniest bit of blood. Thanks to the bond between the two of them, Kell appeared within seconds with of an As Travars spell. Behind him, Gray London sealed itself.

The red-headed Antari spotted a knife sticking out of the King’s bed and made a pained sound. He rushed closer, healing words ready, blood still dripping from his fingers.

“Relax mate, the King’s alright. See for yourself,” the former captain of the Night Spire called out. Alucard grabbed the glass of wine on the floor and threw it up in the air. He turned the droplets into little red bubbles that floated towards Rhy and Lila, perched as they were in front of the elaborate mirror on the other side of the royal bedroom. Alucard’s left hand easily caught the goblet even as the wine bubbles coagulated on Lila’s lips.

She licked a bit off, but left the rest on. “Well that beats whatever gross sticky thing Rhy was using.”

Kell turned towards them, satisfied that there was, indeed, no Maresh royal body stabbed in the bed. Rhy stepped away from his work so not to block the view. Kell’s eyes, both the black and the blue widened. His heart gave a jump and in response, his infamous coat gave a delighted flutter.

Lila, who usually didn’t give a damn, quite like the look of amazement on the other Antari’s face. She stood up from the chair, letting the full effect of Rhy’s efforts befuddle Kell. The floaty sea silk fabric flowed from her bony shoulders to the floor, clasped by a thin circlet of silver leaf gemstones. Out of habit, she tucked a strand of hair behind one ear, finger carefully caressing several small knives disguised as silver hair clips. The sharp edges rested against the back of her scalp, comforting her. She knew Rhy would be more occupied with the front side of her face rather than the back.

Yes, Delilah Bard was dressed to kill.

All characters are from Shades of Magic Trilogy by VE Schwab! Got a prompt for me? let me know 😉 Also, check out my out some of my other fanfics here. Feedbacks and comments are always appreciated!

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