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The Joy of Annotating

I am officially deeply infatuated with annotating. Ever since my social media channels have been repurposed towards more of a bookish niche, I’ve been seeing all these gorgeous pictures of book annotations. I mean, take a look at Jules @yourstrulyjulietta annotations!

The only books I used to annotate were my textbooks. However, drooling over their pretty pics made me want to try it out too.


I ordered transparent sticky notes and natural-ish colored tabs from Shopee and got to work annotating. At first I made smudges on my book GASP PANIC MODE. But well isn’t that life. The (very) first book I annotated was Galatea (Madeline Miller), followed by Transcendent Kingdom (Yaa Gyaasi).

I had the funniest feelings but what I didn’t realize was how much it would help me process my thoughts as I’m reading the book! WHAT! I’ve been missing out on this!

What About the Old Faithful Kindle?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be reading on my Kindle (it’s so convenient, really). But I’m also going to intersperse more physical books to annotate. I also enjoy doing giveaways on my social media channels, and guess what some of my #booktweet friends even said they liked to receive annotated books better than clean books! What do you know.

Ah, it’s so much fun I can’t wait to annotate more!

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