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Elements is Released!

It’s here! Take a look at the amazing lovely book trailer and of course, purchase the book at the shop 🙂

Poetry Review: First Drop of Red

A poetry collection by young and talented poet Dinda Mulia, publihsed by POP Gramedia.

Book Review: Jamu Lifestyle

Metta Murdaya brings the Indonesian tradition of jamu to the world!

Tune in to the Podcast

In the podcast, I interview women in Southeast Asia to bring their unique stories and experiences to empower other women in this region of the world.

Mad Tea Book Club

It’s always been one of my dreams to have my own book club! The Mad Tea Book Club is Co-Founded in March 2021 by Sherry (The Cozy Library), Krisandryka Wjaya, and myself.

Mad Tea Book Club January 2022 Meeting with guest speaker Grace Tahir