Hi! My full name is Airin Christie Efferin. I grew up in 3 countries: Taiwan, Indonesia, and the USA. I am a pianist and Co-Founder / CEO of the Bandung Philharmonic. I have survived bulimia, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and the death of my (first) husband Oky Kusprianto in 2019. I write and speak a lot about these topics.

I also write fantasy stories, poetry, and recommend books and movies which have a strong women empowerment theme. At the moment I live in Bandung, Indonesia with my (second) husband Setiadi Sopandi.

airinefferin.com features my voice, and it is my vision that it will grow into an ecosystem which empowers more women’s voices in Southeast Asia. I invite you to join this journey by subscribing to the blog, listening to the podcast, or visiting the shop.


Solar Gemini-Lunar Virgo with Mercurial destiny.

Sundea Salamatahari has studied how to read zodiac charts since 2011. She was featured routinely for the Zodiac on Sarah at Sarah Sechan Net (2014-2015). Sundea has also been featured several times on “Pagi-Pagi Net TV” (Mornings at NET TV) and “Sahabat Inspirasi” (Friends of Inspiration) O Channel. She made a podcast about zodiac signs with Podluck Podcast in 2018-2019 called “Zodiak Gembira” (Happy Zodiac).

Since 2012 Sundea Salamatahari has been receiving requests to interpret personal zodiac charts. She is also a freelance writer in Bahasa Indonesia.

Purchase her readings at the shop, or visit Sundea at http://www.salamatahari.com.