Giving Challenge

I know how it feels to have no money.

This year, my husband Cung and I started this Giving Challenge. Our commitment is to give 100USD per month to causes/projects close to our heart. I know it’s not a big amount, but giving isn’t about the amount. The amount is relative for every individual. It’s about the action of sharing the resources we have with someone else. Because I know how it feels to have no money.


Women-led projects

Projects led by women, with a focus for women’s and girls’ education is especially close to our hearts.

Performing Arts

With my background in the performing arts, I know how life changing it is, and yet how deeply underappreciated the sector is.

Advancing Knowledge in Architecture

Because my first husband Oky was an architect, and Cung is also an architect, we have an attachment to the field.

Marine Conservation

Due to our love for scuba diving, marine-related conservation projects interest us.

application guidelines

Based in Indonesia

Project should be based in Indonesia, or serving the needs of a community in Indonesia.

Project must take place within 3 months of application

Unless if the organization/nonprofit runs year long programs.

Maximum Amount 200 USD

The maximum amount we give to an application is 200 USD. The minimum is 100 USD.

We reserve the right to refuse any applications at any time.

Apply Here for 2022