Sacred Rituals, the action packed sequel to Nisha, is now available at the shop! Our bad-ass heroine returns cooler and stronger than ever as she explores more of her magical powers.

“[The Diversity!] Airin describes Saad as black-skinned man, Saad-Faris’ relationship, and how Saad’s clan speak through mind and not through spoken words. It really represents the minorities, and that’s an empowering step! Including these topics into coming-of-age literature is never been easy, but Airin did it very well!”

Solana , book reviewer

“When I read about The Fisherman Story (in Sacred Rituals), I firmly believe that the author has a solid talent for writing children’s books or middle-grade novels. Her writing style reminds me of some of the famous children’s books I read in the past.”

Febrian Giovanni, book reviewer

“…every time I had to put the book down, I kept thinking about what happened or what will happen. This book without a doubt is something you have never read before in a middle-grade fantasy book. Nisha, our main character is this sassy, bold, wise princess (I love her!)”

Jacqueline, One Chapter Left

“I would recommend this book to those looking for a way to ease themselves into fantasy. I think this would be the perfect intro book into the genre, and it definitely will leave you with a good first impression afterwards.”

Angela, The 7th Volume

“…the writing style is very unique. It’s not one I usually look for in books but I personally really enjoyed it with ‘Nisha’ and felt like it fit the tone of the story very well. It’s immersive but also simplistic, clear and concise.”

Lexa, Somerset, UK

“Sacred Rituals is really magical and heartwarming! I love the story of Faris’ childhood. It has quite a lot of action scenes, but what I love most in the story is that the characters are facing their own difficulties and they managed to learn and grow.”

Sherry, The Cozy Library

Free Bonus Content from the Nishaverse

The Nisha Universe Map, with a bit of Saad’s POV from Sacred Rituals

Scenes from Faris’ Childhood, part 1. Understand a bit more about the brilliant Outer Movement Wizard through his childhood

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Creating the look of characters in the Nishaverse

Creative Process Behind Nisha’s Cover Illustration

Nisha, Faris, and Saad, made with Pinterest and TikTok

A sample of the Nisha audiobook, which I narrated

Reading-a-loud The Weevil Curse, the first chapter of Nisha

Reading-a-loud Ever Since, the second chapter of Nisha

Collected Nisha & Sacred Rituals Reviews

Since I am completely new to authoring, I depend a lot on the phenomena of booktube, bookstagram, booktok, book podcast, and other independent book reviewers to spread the word around about Nisha and Sacred Rituals. I enjoyed getting to know this community and their love of reading. Here are some of their reviews, please appreciate their work of love by following and liking their posts!

Bookstagram : @dinday6 (Bahasa Indonesia)

Booktube : Sherry from The Cozy Library (co-founder of the Mad Tea Book Club)

Jenny Sandiford, who convinced me to get on Goodreads!

Balinese Book Podcast : Podcast Sahabat Buku. Episode 124 is especially on Sacred Rituals (Bahasa Indonesia)

Selene Escapism Blog by Solana, spoiler alert for those of you who don’t mind

Krisandryka’s reviews (co-founder of the Mad Tea Book Club!), and booktube channel (Bahasa Indonesia)

Azraa Killru, herself a writer from Colombo

Bookstagram : Angela from @the7thvolume, special shout out to Cochen –coastal town lovers

Joe’s reviews on Goodreads (Bahasa Indonesia). He’s a fan of the General!

Bookstagram: Vidhika Yadav, who also wrote the first customer review of Sacred Rituals!

Bookstagram The Literary Bridge, with a cool angle on the magic of the Nishaverse

Super honest and critical review from Jacqueline @onechapterleft

Borneo (Sumatra) based bookstagrammer : Widya’s reviews

Booktoker keiko.reads, review in Bahasa Indonesia

Lexa @bookshelves4paperelves all the way from Somerset, UK

Ana Maria @afantaseeofbooks all the way from Romania – Norway!

Bookstagram @mybooksel reviews both Nisha and Sacred Rituals

Banten based bookstagrammer @fay_reads reviews in Bahasa Indonesia

@papermoonpages – she said Queen Anvi (Nisha’s mother) reminds her of Maleficent! Love it!

@dblueholic – if you the color blue you will love her aesthetics.

An honest review from @wanderinfiction

Buana and Books said he would get his younger sister to read it! Yay!

Keya Markham from England giving a very critical and honest review.

Hestia – The Reading Buddy, mentioning General Char reminds her of Gwendolin Christie (Game of Thrones). Me is humbled.

Drop dead gorgeous pic from @denareaaaad

Li Sister Library double review – we’ve known each other since high school orchestra times!

MinGod and booktuber Skolastika Rosa on her booktube channel. She also reviews Sacred Rituals.

Fabulous Nisha video aesthetics by @starrymandytales

@fantashyyy who also intentionally supports a lot of BIPOC authors

Short, sweet and cute review from @maggiereads – just like the book 😉

@riantireads with a meticulously detailed description

This picture of her daughter holding up Nisha warms my heart @dddyndin

4,5 Stars from! Post is in Bahasa Indonesia

In-depth review in Bahasa Indonesia from @reasond.etr

“Easy to read, with magic!” @cameliawithbooks

“I loved reading Nisha.” Aww, thank you @words.are.not.small.things

If you are a book reviewer, I am more than happy to send a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Let’s get in touch! For updates on the last book of this trilogy, subscribe to my newsletter.