In the podcast, I interview women in Southeast Asia to bring their unique stories and experiences to empower other women in this region of the world.

Which episode do you like best so far? What womanly topics or stories would you like to hear on my podcast?

In Vitro Fertilization

Episode 4

Elvina Ingrid and her husband Morgan have been trying to have a child for a total of 7 years. They finally decided to try In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Listen to her heart-wrenching struggle to conceive, the risks she took on herself, but most of all her courage and hope. Hang around for IVF jokes in the extras. Warning: they’re really weird jokes.

Moon Flower Goddess

Episode 3

Born in Denpasar, Bali, Putu Sandra Devindriati Kusuma translates into Moon Flower Goddess. And she truly radiates her name. Get to know her life and her beliefs as a Balinese woman. 

Widowhood in Patriarchal Societies

Episode 2

Frances Bowden Affandy is an anthropologist with decades of hospitality career and experience. She was widowed several years ago when her husband David “Didi” Affandy died of diabetes. From funeral hysteria to what traditions dictate for widows, this interview will blow you away. Oh, and make sure to hang around for the extras. You won’t be disappointed.

Covid Hoax and Hopes

Episode 1

Anna Meiliana is a scientist at Prodia Clinical Laboratorium, but not just any scientist. Anna is the scientific assistant for the chairman of the company. It’s safe to say she has the insider’s info on scientific progression of the virus which changed all of our lives this year. We cover her current clinical experiments, explanation of different types of tests, predictions on vaccines, and all the way to how this situation has changed her life habits.

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