Elements (Nishaverse #3)

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In this hair-raising conclusion to the trilogy, Nisha and friends find themselves head to head against the Aklum Queen, Viderakl. The Elements are the key to defending their kingdom from Viderakl’s descending forces, but will they be able to gather the Elements in time to stop the impending destruction of Seis?

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Available in mobi file (for Kindle readers) and in epub (for all other readers). Cover art by Inez Wandita.

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1 review for Elements (Nishaverse #3)

  1. Garima

    After going through absolute leisure of 2 astonishing sequels of the series “Nisha Trilogy”, I was eagerly waiting for the third one.
    Airin titled it “Elements”. After I was done with “Nisha” and “Sacred Rituals”, I was so into this whole fascinating series that actually makes me feel so good. I am very positive that all of those who read the past books of this series would not miss reading this one too.

    This is the best end I can ever imagine for Nisha Trilogy. This book contains everything I ever wanted – adventure, romance, and fast-paced. The adventure of the story kept me on the edge of my seat, sticking to the story. Here we have Viderakl, the super-powerful evil queen of the Aklumites as the final villain. This genre evolves with your imagination that’s why I love this trilogy and the final battle is so exciting. The interaction between Nisha and Elian (a young lieutenant of Seis under General Char. He is in charge of the bowmen, himself an excellent archer) is the best part for me. Every character has its own speciality which makes every character lovable.
    Right all along, I was completely connected with the story and the world that the creator made was hypnotizing. Directly from the introduction, the readers will be completely fascinated with the captivating story. This book is loaded with experience!

    The best part of the story for me was of course the plot! I really wasn’t expecting it to turn out the way it did. I am damn sure you guys are curious about the story so give it a try. Trust me you guys won’t regret the read.
    This book really made me happy. This book or I can say the whole series has everything enough to keep the reader bound up to itself with a lot of ups and downs.

    Airin’s books caught my attention immediately and I can’t put them down.

    There’s so much going in the book that it’s hard to pinpoint only a few reasons why you will love it, but let us try nonetheless.

    Since the first day of reading the first book of this series, I had drawn great interest towards it and I must admit, it’s all worth it. Also I love the way she detailed every single character, the surroundings taking place during each arc of the story is just mind blowing. I really felt attached to the characters of the story and it didn’t take me long to go through all 164 pages and it never really felt like a lot either.

    I’ve read two books by Airin mam before as well and with all honesty, I love her way of writing and how she brings the story to life. I loved every minute of going through this whole series and it was really enjoyable to read.

    Get your hands on these asap guys! I bet you won’t regret a single read. Thank you to the author for letting me review this beautiful series!

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