Nisha (Nishaverse #1)

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By Airin Efferin.

A coming of age novella.

Nisha is a young princess that wakes up to find her kingdom in a mess. With the help of some friends and a lot of magic, she attempts to make sense of her life, her future, and her land.


Available in mobi file (for Kindle readers) and in epub (for all other readers). Cover art by Inez Wandita.

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8 reviews for Nisha (Nishaverse #1)

  1. Elvina Ingrid

    This book is mesmerizing and captivating! It will take you to a mysterious magical kingdom where Nisha’s adventures take place. Soon, without realizing it, you will be engulfed in the thrilling actions in the book. It is very easy to read and once you’re on it, it’s hard to put the book down.

  2. Elise Kuder

    I was thoroughly charmed by this book! With many twists and unexpected turns, Nisha’s magical world will keep you guessing and smiling.

  3. Jenny

    Nisha is a whimsical coming of age adventure tale that feels like a classic fairytale. I enjoyed this novella and breezed through the whole book in a few short sittings. I particularly enjoyed the worldbuilding, magic and fantasy elements. You get a real feel for a magical Kingdom, and I found the magic to be interesting and unique.
    It reads more like middle grade than young adult, as the writing is quite simple and has a lot of narration. But I really enjoyed this style and it is well written.
    I would recommended Nisha to anyone wanting a quick read to escape to a magical fantasy Kingdom.
    *I received a copy of Nisha from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you 🙂 I highly enjoyed this book.

  4. Tanishq Rajmani

    The cover of the book is designed beautifully. It looks really attractive. The title is apt for this book.The Novella is divided into 17 chapters.

    The story revolves around Nisha who was an extraordinary girl with magic. In this story, she wents on a journey to save her kingdom from enemies with a lot of courage. I won’t reveal much.Grab the book to read more!

    Overall a really interesting read with many twists and turns. I wasn’t able to put it down once I started reading it.The writing style and narration is really smooth and engaging. The charecterisation is really great and they are developed really well. The language is simple and lucid.The detailing is perfect and it feels like we are experiencing everything in front of our eyes.I really can’t wait to read the next part! Highly recommended from my side especially if you are looking to read a short book or something like a fairytale.

  5. Vidhika Yadav

    This novel is about a strong female protagonist named Nisha, as the attractive and fierce cover suggests. This book is suitable for readers of all ages who enjoy young adult fantasy, but it will especially appeal to children. Nisha is a princess who possesses significant magical abilities and is learning others. But the strength was not apparent in the realm of her kingdom.Her father was a compassionate but inept ruler who kept some secrets concerning her mother buried. Saad, her servant, possessed magical abilities as well. She was told to marry a boy she despised due to war circumstances and for the sake of her kingdom. But she carved her own path, gave meaning to her existence, and embarked on a journey to fight for her country.

    Nisha’s character is adorable. It was breathtaking to experience life through her eyes. All of the characters contributed to the enjoyment of the novel and added warmth to the plot. The plot is captivating, and the writing style is perfect. This novel includes a lot of magical powers and an excellent narration, and the dialogue helps the readers comprehend the character’s underlying emotions.

    Overall, a quick and fascinating book that individuals can devote time to!

    • airinefferin

      Thank you for the review 🙂

  6. Garima Bhatt

    This book, Nisha, is a really interesting book that packs in 17 chapters. As being an Indian, the title and the cover of this book immediately grabbed my attention and I’ll have to admit, it stood up to all my expectations. The story revolves around a princess Nisha, a girl with magical powers who is on a mission of saving her kingdom. Her being powerful didn’t change the fact that her father was a compassionate but crude ruler who couldn’t live up to his kingdom’s needs. She was asked to marry a man just for the sake of her kingdom but she took her own path instead. The whole story shows how she gave her life a meaning and didn’t take a step back when it came to saving her kingdom. This is a young adult fantasy book, which can be read by anyone. However, kids will find this book more appealing. It was amazing to be able to read and actually live Nisha’s life. I found the protagonist’s character really adorable as the way she is written is just wonderful. Narration on this one is just outstanding. All the magical powers and little fairy-like glimpse reminds me of my childhood, how I wished my life to be and how I wished that I was a princess. Haha! I bet a lot of us used to wish that and that’s the thing, the way the author portrayed every event in this book is breathtaking. Nisha is an amazing thought provoking and emotional read that I can assure everyone will love. The plot of this story was just amazing and I personally felt warm hearted reading it… It’s amazing how the author really brought together the idea of this princess having extraordinary powers who saves her kingdom so flawlessly. I loved reading Nisha and would definitely recommend every single person out there to take some time off their lives to dive into a world of fantasy as it is really short and sweet. Get your hands on “Nisha” and show some love guys! ❤❤❤ You will absolutely love it!

    • airinefferin


  7. Alexandra Harber

    Thank you so much to Airin for sending me a copy of her book ‘Nisha’ in return for an honest review.

    As with any book, there were things I liked, and also things I wasn’t completely fond of. Overall, I’d say this was a solid novella that has captured my attention and I’m excited to read the next instalment.

    So, we start off with our sassy, out-spoken main character, Nisha (who I’m sure we can all relate to at some point or another) and things start quickly developing in the 70 page novella. It’s a rather short read all-in-all, which isn’t something I’m not overly fond of as it makes for a very fast paced read and can be a little bit ‘info dumpy’, however this didn’t stop me from finishing the book and enjoying the experience, it’s just very straight to the point which is something I can appreciate.

    Alongside this, the writing style is very unique. It’s not one I usually look for in books but I personally really enjoyed it with ‘Nisha’ and felt like it fit the tone of the story very well. It’s immersive but also simplistic, clear and concise. It doesn’t have any of this ‘wishy-washy’ description that I’ve seen in a lot of fantasy reads lately, so, props to Airin for this!

    I’d also like to make a note of how much I really enjoy this cover. It’s eye-catching and really suits the story. It drew me in and didn’t disappoint! I’d love to see the cover on a physical book one day.

    One thing that did stand out to me initially was that ‘Nisha’ is branded as a YA Fantasy. In my opinion I’d say it’s suited more to a younger reader (maybe class as middle grade?) however, at 22 I enjoyed it so take what you will from that 🤷‍♀️

    I would definitely say that this read is enjoyable for those that like to grow attachments to characters, witness character growth and those who enjoy thought provoking plot lines.

    I’d give this novella 3.5/4 stars (lets call it a 3.75) and I’m looking forward to starting the next instalment!

    • airinefferin

      Thanks so much lexa!!!!!!!!

  8. Derzsi Ana-Maria

    ◦ I’ve received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ◦

    The story begins with the curse that fell over Niha’s castle because of the words she addressed to the son of Lord Luft – she called him a brat. Even from the beginning, I loved Nisha and her personality – she is so feisty and strong and doesn’t regret the words she said or the events that followed afterward.

    Nisha’s age and the age of Ged Luft isn’t disclosed in the book – which gave me a little bit of a hard time because I couldn’t imagine exactly how they are – especially with Ged acting like a small spoiled kid, I had a hard time to imagine their age exactly. The frenemy relationship between Ged and Nisha is an ongoing war, she hates him, he is spoiled and annoying and during one of their confrontations, he starts saying bad words about her mom leaving Nisha in a total state of confusion and demanding answers from her father.

    There was a lot of mystery involving her mother, and eventually, she received the answers she was seeking and also helping her mother to be normal again thanks to their combined magic. The magical system in the book is really intriguing – everyone has some sort of magic, the magic of Outer Movement and magic of Inner Movement, those with the Outer Movement can work with the elements of moving nature such as animals, wind, etc. The Inner Movement magic such as Nisha’s can work with the micro-elements inside people’s bodies – including their mind or their strengths and then there is Saad who is neither of the two Elements mentioned and his power is pretty unknown between the people so they are not very sure how powerful he is in fact.

    The way their magic is described and also shown to us is really interesting because you get sucked into that magical world and you learn so much more about their abilities.

    The whole story I’ve enjoyed it a lot, I disliked the fact that their age was never disclosed so I had a hard time imagining how old they are – especially after Nisha and Ged got engaged by their parents for business purposes and the way Ged asked, REALLY made me question his age because he was such an annoying character.

    Nisha is a coming-of-age short novella that takes you on a short adventure with a very feisty, brave, driven, and fearless young girl, and together with her friends, they’re up to greater things. The ending of the story leaves you curious about what’s yet to come and I’m really curious about following through with the story.

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