Sacred Rituals (Nishaverse #2)

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Nisha, Saad, and Faris return in this action-packed sequel.

The trio is separated when Saad decides to voyage with King Chet to find his mysterious dark-skinned tribe. The King brings spoiled Lord Ged Luft on the journey, in hopes of keeping the marriage alliance intact between Princess Nisha and Ged.

In the meanwhile, Nisha and Faris stay at the Border to aid General Char in protecting their land from the Aklum invasion. On the dawn of an Aklumite attack, the young mages realize they will need all of their skill, knowledge, and courage in order to stand a chance against the Aklumites.

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Available in mobi file (for Kindle readers) and in epub (for all other readers). Cover art by Inez Wandita.

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4 reviews for Sacred Rituals (Nishaverse #2)

  1. Vidhika

    So here it is, Nisha’s sequel, with the title “Sacred Rituals,” which is extremely appropriate for the storyline.
    This is also a short read book, and readers will learn more about the kingdom Seis, the opposing kingdom Aklum, and the two witches Faris and Saad, from whom the narrative takes its title.
    The story begins with Faaris’ past, and how he was unable to perform his rituals due to unforeseen circumstances. We then return to the plot, where a battle is taking place, and Saad has the opportunity to learn more about his family, which he previously did not know of.
    This novel, in my opinion, elicits a wide range of feelings. It’s an in-depth and emotional read. The story has grown well since the prequel, and now readers will be able to connect with other characters as much of their lives are revealed in this novel. This section also introduces some new characters.
    This section has a clear writing style and language.
    The plot is fascinating and devoid of any flaws.
    Characters and their interactions with one another, as well as their emotions, have been well articulated in the words, and the cover is highly appealing and eye-catching. Overall a fascinating and light-hearted read with fantasy and adventure inter weaved!

    • airinefferin

      thank you vidhika!!

  2. Suyogya

    “Everything is possible to him who wills only what is true! Rest in Nature, study, know, then dare; dare to will, dare to act and be silent!”. The line as stated above with sheer ease sets the tone of the book and reflects the underlying theme of the book
    Delving further, the main character is revealed in the prologue section of the book where his childhood of Faris is portrayed who happens to show deep interest in the songs of nature which were sung by its components including the trees, the branches but is not able to surmise its essence and the importance of patience was well asserted by Baba and another impetus was Faris’s mother. As we proceed further, the first chapter comes forth titled “A Desperate Mother” and here the author brings forth the main character of the previous work titled “Nisha” and the character is that of Nisha who along with Faris and the General is serving the needs of the kingdom with strategic eyes in the western borders and a sense of loyalty was expected on the part of Faris with certain diplomatic aspects being dealt side by side. The next chapter titled “Separation” features the conquest with Saad separating himself to comprehend his traces and his origin. The next chapter titled “Ged Cannot Throw a Tantrum” speaks a lot about itself for the young tantrums of Ged would be rendered ineffective despite the absence of his parents.
    All the 12 chapters have been written quiet well and bear a sense of connection with the previous ones and the language as used here does not remain to be very simple but to suit the context of the book which holds more importance thereby making this book a great brief read for everyone

  3. Garima

    “Sacred Rituals” by Airin Efferin is a sequel of Nisha. I really admired her previous work (Nisha) so I was eagerly waiting for the next part. The book is so catchy that I found myself completely lost in the fascinating words of it and I ended up completing the book in a single go. Not even lying, the author has came up with economy of words which makes this book brief/momentary. I do not know if you’ll feel the same but I think the cover of the book holds great suspense within it and the beautiful eyes on it will flame you up with curiosity. All the battle and emotional scenes are intense and heartfelt enough to get your emotions stuck within. The reason why I’m unable to come up with more appreciation is that I already anticipated how fulfilling the book is going to be.

    In this sequel, the secret behind the powers of Faris gets revealed as we jump into the past of his life and we all know that we can’t escape from our past we have to face it, acknowledge it, and move on. Meanwhile, Nisha and Faris stay at the Border to aid General Char and protect their land from the Aklum invasion. In this part, we get to know about the characters of the story in depth. Faris is easy to resemble with world famous anime – Naruto. In ways he overcome his past and gets stronger being passionate about his destiny are the traits one can notice in Faris as well.

    Characters and their interactions with one another, as well as their emotions, have been well articulated in the words and even their personalities are so distinct that many people can relate to different characters of their choice. The structure and the timeframe of the story is well explained and carries very smooth transitions which makes it even more interesting. So assuming you’re searching for a short yet adventurous story, then this completely fits your desire.

    • airinefferin

      Awww thanks!!

  4. Jenny

    Sacred Rituals follows the stories of several interesting characters; a servant boy, Saad, trying to find his roots, Nisha, a princess gifted with Inner Movement magic, Faris and orphaned Outer Movement Wizard, and Ged, a spoilt prince learning about the world.

    The stories are told with a classic fairytale fantasy vibe. I particularly liked the scenes from Faris’s childhood, these were both vivid and creative.
    I enjoyed the pacing of the book, it doesn’t feel rushed and the book is a very quick read. A great follow on from the first book Nisha with well thought out world building. This series would appeal to the younger YA fantasy audience.

    I also have to add that I love the cover art! It is so beautiful and eye catching.

    Thank you to the author for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    • airinefferin

      thank you jenny!!!! have a great 2022 🙂

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