Sanubari Inner Heart Reading


Sanubari is the inner heart. A place where your deepest desires and instincts are located.

This Sanubari Inner Heart Reading by Sundea Salamatahari is designed to help you understand your innermost emotions better. This reading will also give you some suggestions on how to handle your emotions based on the interpretation of your natal chart.


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You will receive your natal (birth) chart, the explanation of your natal chart symbols, and 3-4 pages of detailed interpretation by Sundea Salamatahari (provide link to bio) based on your chart.

Please note:

  1. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive a voucher in your email as proof of payment.
  2. Please reply to with information about your birth date, time (which hours approximately), and city (location). If you do not have this information, please do not purchase the reading.
  3. Your reading will be delivered in pdf format to your email within 10-14 working days after information about your birth is received.
  4. The reading will be in English. This product is available in also in Bahasa Indonesia. 


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