Sketches and Regrets

Illustration by Oky Kusprianto
Main Text by Airin Efferin
Edited by Setiadi Sopandi
Translation by Juhendy Setiawan Wu
Photography by Christian Nathael Wijaya
Graphic design by OMAH Library

Sketches and Regrets follows my short life with my first husband, architect Oky Kusprianto (1978-2019) which was disrupted with his tragic death. The narrative accompanies the freehand sketches and design drawings by Oky, as our stories entangled between our daily lives, my musical career, and Oky’s architectural projects.

Written in English and Bahasa Indonesia, the book is published in accordance with the “Sketches and Regrets” exhibition at Villa Gupondoro, our former home, in Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia.

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For an excerpt, visit Falling in Love with Gupondoro.

“Beautifully written. I can feel [the] Oky that I never met. May the force be with you all.”

Sonny Sutanto, Indonesian architect

“A wonderful homage to the life and work of Indonesian architect Oky Kusprianto … A testament to two visionary creative minds and souls joining forces for a brief time …”

Michael Hall, Violist

“The uncensored life story with a touch of architectural idealism.”

Oka Setiawan, Rafida Adventure

“It is a great personal tribute to his work and his legacy, and a wonderful way for all of us to remember him. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Ronald and Janet Stride, philanthropists

“I love how brutally honest Airin is in her sad, beautiful writings about her late husband. and as a person without any sense of art, I love the elaborate sketches 💕”

Krisan Wijaya, book reviewer

“So simple yet so touching and aesthetic, this book is perfect for you who ever experienced loss or even know the author personally. I love how it is written. It’s somehow soft, and reminiscing someone this way feels so special. The sketches are also so interesting to look at!”

Sherry Heather, book reviewer

“Not your clichéd fairy tale love story, the book offers a well written and engaging glimpse into the lives of two interesting individuals.”

Hary Elias, Temasek

“I think of this poem as “Dreams and Memory”…”Sketches” are dreams on paper. “Regret” is the memory of 2 years we wish were longer but blessed to have had at all. A lovely monument to special, gifted people.”

Frances Bowden Affandy, anthropologist