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Book Review: Sex at Dawn

Well well well, here we are. I started this book a couple of years ago but did not manage to finish it, and now I was determined to tick it off my list. In the book’s defense, I like all its main arguments, I really do. However…


Since this is a book that you probably will never read (it’s kind of hard to find in Indonesia), let me give you a summary. Sex at Dawn is a study of human sexual behavior from prehistoric time until modern time. The authors draw from various researches and also make several comparisons with the sexual behavior of primates (chimps, baboons, bonobos, gorillas, etc).

Sex at Dawn, page 224

The main arguments are:

  • female sexuality in humans is highly repressed
  • monogamy is the cause of unhappiness, and polyamory is something which is more natural to human beings
  • human sexuality in general is repressed
  • love and sex are two different things

Honestly, I pretty much agree with all the arguments and the positions of the authors, polyamory, and polygamy included. As long as everyone consents, why not? What bugged me, and I remember now this was why I stopped reading the book in the first place, is that it’s quite clear the authors build a weak case.

The research they draw upon as evidence to support their arguments is cherry-picking and taken out of context. Their writing style is derogatory to the readers (are they trying to be funny?) and in my opinion: not cool. They try to be slick and naughty, while I would have just preferred more data and respect for the reader.

Hang On…

Another huge thing that I am surprised and disappointed that they did not address is sexually transmitted diseases. In a book about sexual behavior which promotes more unrestricted sex, it would be logical and responsible to talk about the results of such behavior aka sexually transmitted diseases! I would have liked to see at least a chapter on the rates of STDs in some of the communities around the world which they brought up as an example of societies with more sexual freedom.

Again, this is not because I don’t agree with their arguments, but because I truly want to know how a community can responsibly manage looser sexual culture while not having skyrocketing STDs.

Cuz come on, is having wild crazy sex worth contracting an STD? Not for me. Heck no. Give me boring sex and a clean hand any day!

So yes, I hear you, but no, I don’t like the way you’re saying it.

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How to Ditch a Party (Nikolai and Zoya Fanfic)

Warning: Adult! Mild Smut. Also Spoiler Alert for Rule of Wolves ending.

This Nikolai and Zoya fanfic is inspired by King of Scars Duology (from the Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo) Fanfic. Happens sometime after the events of Rule of Wolves.

Nikolai and Zoya are attending one of Count Kirigan’s famous parties.

“You were ravishing on the dance floor,” Nikolai said to Zoya after she finished a round with Count Kirigan. Their host kept glancing towards her with puppy dog eyes, practically begging for another dance. Zoya sighed. Count Kirigan was a valuable ally within the Ravka nobility, but everyone knew he was head over heels with the ex-general turned queen.

“Blame Genya. Can you believe this dress?” Zoya tugged annoyingly at the blood red material which hugged her upper body tightly, even while supporting a plunge to show off her gorgeous cleavage. Genya had embellished it with Fabrikated sequins made to look like dragon scales. From Zoya’s right thigh downwards the material parted completely, and when she twirled it was a smaller version of the dragon taking flight. She had high-heeled black boots that looked like it could sever some knees if pointed in the right direction. Zoya had considered pointing it in several directions tonight, but decided it was not the impression the newly crowned queen wanted to make at their precious ally’s party.

“I can believe it. That one tailor is always trying to torment me,” he chugged down his glittering drink even as he winked at a cluster of young women across the hall. They were pointing and giggling. Oh, he knew their gossips. Even when he was still King, there had been rumors about his relationship with Zoya. Now that she was Queen, Nikolai was known to be the one who serviced her needs at night. Well, he thought, might as well give them a show. He reached towards Zoya and lifted her up in his arms. If he was going to be known for his services, at least he could make sure they were sky-high.

Zoya threw him a flustered look, and for a moment Nikolai thought she would breath fire on him. But her eyes calmed and she leaned into his chest. “Get me out of here,” she murmured into his neck. Her voice sent pulses straight down to his groin, where he could feel the rising need.

“You’re the queen,” replied Nikolai charmingly, even as his breath was quickening in anticipation. Zoya bit his ear lightly, and his knees buckled.

“Don’t drop me, demon boy,” Zoya warned. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts into his torso. She could feel her buds tightening, but it was not even close to enough. “Do I need to fly us out of here?”

“You would destroy the whole building in the process. And then we’d have no bed for tonight’s activities,” Nikolai calmly countered. He turned and began walking out of the ballroom. Nikolai could feel the eyes of every single Ravkan nobility following them. Good.

Understatement is overrated.

Honest question folks. Should I continue to the next scene in this Nikolai and Zoya fanfic, or stop here cuz tis suggestive enough? 😀

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