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May Sale!

I launched this blog in October for beta readers, and it went public for everyone in November 2020. It’s now May 2021 and I can’t believe I’ve been hacking away at it consistently for 6 months! I’m so proud of myself, and I’m so thankful to all of you who stop by my corner of the internet. Whether you are reading the blogs, listening to the podcast, or even shopping, know that I’m at the back end doing a little jig whenever you’re here.

From buying a new Huawei laptop (the last time I used a laptop was 10 years ago) to getting carpal tunnel because I was typing too long in the wrong position, to finding my first partner for the shop, it’s all been a worthwhile ride.

To celebrate this journey together, there is a storewide May Sale. Everything in the Shop will be half off-all you need to do apply this coupon: MAY50OFF to your checkout cart.

If you run into any problems, simply contact me. Enjoy!