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Shades of Magic Fanfic

premise : Rhy helps Lila dress to kill

“I know how to kill, Rhy.” Lila Bard pointed out to the Prince, no, the King. Who surely had to have better things on his agenda rather than bicker over her outfit and make-up for his coronation ceremony? It’s his coronation ceremony after all, not hers.

“Rest assured I remember, very well, that fact about you,” Rhy flashed a rakish smile while applying kohl on Lila’s eyes. If only she would stay still. The woman kept fidgeting, one hand playing with her knife (even though her eyes were closed); one foot tapping impatiently. “There are, however, different ways to kill, Delilah Bard. Knives, black magic, those are all best behind us, aren’t they? Tonight, you will dress to kill.”

Rhy had chosen one of the late Queen’s dresses, repurposed it so that one could absolutely, most definitely, still swordfight in it. Not that they were expecting trouble at the coronation, but just in case. Lila twirled the knife in her hand, then threw it to slice into one of Rhy’s pillows. Right in the middle of his bed.

“Hey, I could have been there,” complained Alucard, looking up from grooming Esa the white cat. Both were draped in feline manner across the soft velvet couch. The only person of their circle not in the King’s chambers was Kell.

“I think that was her point,” Rhy petted Lila’s jutting cheekbones with crushed rose petal powder. She made a threatening noise from the bottom of her throat. “Now now, I am the King, and no apparent heir as of yet.”

“Well, I’m Lila Bard, and I don’t give a -” she couldn’t finish her punchline sentence, because Rhy had sprayed some icemint fresheners into her mouth. Lila wheezed angrily, wishing she hadn’t thrown her knife away. Coughing into her empty hand, she turned her palm and smeared away the colors Rhy had carefully dabbed on her lips. Serves him right.

The King sighed. This wasn’t going quite as planned, and the ceremony was this evening. Time to call on the trump card: his brother. Rhy pinched his forearm in a sharp and quick movement, drawing the tiniest bit of blood. Thanks to the bond between the two of them, Kell appeared within seconds with of an As Travars spell. Behind him, Gray London sealed itself.

The red-headed Antari spotted a knife sticking out of the King’s bed and made a pained sound. He rushed closer, healing words ready, blood still dripping from his fingers.

“Relax mate, the King’s alright. See for yourself,” the former captain of the Night Spire called out. Alucard grabbed the glass of wine on the floor and threw it up in the air. He turned the droplets into little red bubbles that floated towards Rhy and Lila, perched as they were in front of the elaborate mirror on the other side of the royal bedroom. Alucard’s left hand easily caught the goblet even as the wine bubbles coagulated on Lila’s lips.

She licked a bit off, but left the rest on. “Well that beats whatever gross sticky thing Rhy was using.”

Kell turned towards them, satisfied that there was, indeed, no Maresh royal body stabbed in the bed. Rhy stepped away from his work so not to block the view. Kell’s eyes, both the black and the blue widened. His heart gave a jump and in response, his infamous coat gave a delighted flutter.

Lila, who usually didn’t give a damn, quite like the look of amazement on the other Antari’s face. She stood up from the chair, letting the full effect of Rhy’s efforts befuddle Kell. The floaty sea silk fabric flowed from her bony shoulders to the floor, clasped by a thin circlet of silver leaf gemstones. Out of habit, she tucked a strand of hair behind one ear, finger carefully caressing several small knives disguised as silver hair clips. The sharp edges rested against the back of her scalp, comforting her. She knew Rhy would be more occupied with the front side of her face rather than the back.

Yes, Delilah Bard was dressed to kill.

All characters are from Shades of Magic Trilogy by VE Schwab! Got a prompt for me? let me know πŸ˜‰ Also, check out my out some of my other fanfics here. Feedbacks and comments are always appreciated!

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How to Ditch a Party (Nikolai and Zoya Fanfic)

Warning: Adult! Mild Smut. Also Spoiler Alert for Rule of Wolves ending.

This Nikolai and Zoya fanfic is inspired by King of Scars Duology (from the Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo) Fanfic. Happens sometime after the events of Rule of Wolves.

Nikolai and Zoya are attending one of Count Kirigan’s famous parties.

“You were ravishing on the dance floor,” Nikolai said to Zoya after she finished a round with Count Kirigan. Their host kept glancing towards her with puppy dog eyes, practically begging for another dance. Zoya sighed. Count Kirigan was a valuable ally within the Ravka nobility, but everyone knew he was head over heels with the ex-general turned queen.

“Blame Genya. Can you believe this dress?” Zoya tugged annoyingly at the blood red material which hugged her upper body tightly, even while supporting a plunge to show off her gorgeous cleavage. Genya had embellished it with Fabrikated sequins made to look like dragon scales. From Zoya’s right thigh downwards the material parted completely, and when she twirled it was a smaller version of the dragon taking flight. She had high-heeled black boots that looked like it could sever some knees if pointed in the right direction. Zoya had considered pointing it in several directions tonight, but decided it was not the impression the newly crowned queen wanted to make at their precious ally’s party.

“I can believe it. That one tailor is always trying to torment me,” he chugged down his glittering drink even as he winked at a cluster of young women across the hall. They were pointing and giggling. Oh, he knew their gossips. Even when he was still King, there had been rumors about his relationship with Zoya. Now that she was Queen, Nikolai was known to be the one who serviced her needs at night. Well, he thought, might as well give them a show. He reached towards Zoya and lifted her up in his arms. If he was going to be known for his services, at least he could make sure they were sky-high.

Zoya threw him a flustered look, and for a moment Nikolai thought she would breath fire on him. But her eyes calmed and she leaned into his chest. “Get me out of here,” she murmured into his neck. Her voice sent pulses straight down to his groin, where he could feel the rising need.

“You’re the queen,” replied Nikolai charmingly, even as his breath was quickening in anticipation. Zoya bit his ear lightly, and his knees buckled.

“Don’t drop me, demon boy,” Zoya warned. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts into his torso. She could feel her buds tightening, but it was not even close to enough. “Do I need to fly us out of here?”

“You would destroy the whole building in the process. And then we’d have no bed for tonight’s activities,” Nikolai calmly countered. He turned and began walking out of the ballroom. Nikolai could feel the eyes of every single Ravkan nobility following them. Good.

Understatement is overrated.

Honest question folks. Should I continue to the next scene in this Nikolai and Zoya fanfic, or stop here cuz tis suggestive enough? πŸ˜€

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Jesper is Dangerously Bored (A Six of Crows Fan Fiction)

A Six of Crows Fan Fiction. Ketterdam is in a Covid-19 lockdown. Kaz, Inej, Jesper, Wylan, Nina, Matthias, and Kuwei are stuck in a secret two-story house that Kaz owns. Nina is still suffering the aftereffects of the jurda parem.

Jesper was going so mad, he was about to shoot himself. The government had just announced another lockdown due to the Delta variant spreading rabidly, turning the island of Ketterdam into a burning cauldron hotter than anything an Inferni could come up with.

Well, except maybe an Inferni on jurda parem. Which did not sound so bad at this moment, Jesper thought desperately. He was just about to go find Kuwei, the young Shu scientist, when Inej grabbed his arm. She caught him off-guard, as usual.

“Don’t even think about it,” Inej hissed. “Don’t you dare.”

“I’m already going mad, Wraith! I need action, adrenaline, or at least, a goat!”

“Look at Nina. She’s still struggling with the addiction! I’m not going to lose two friends to the drug!”

“You’ll get a dose of parem when I say you’ll get a dose. No sooner, no later,” the door barged open as Kaz, their fearless scheming leader, the Bastard of the Barrel, the crippled gangster, appeared in front of them. Matthias was closely behind him, pulling off the mask which looked small as it stretched across his broad face.

“Where have you been?” Jesper asked, annoyed. He never knew what to expect with Kaz.

Sure enough, Kaz surprised them by reaching into his bag and pulling out small bottles of vaccine. “Getting what we need,” he replied simply. Kaz didn’t bother taking off his mask. Jesper suspected Kaz rather liked wearing the black mask – it hid more of his expressions.

“I’m going to find Nina and give her the first shot. Her immunity system is so tampered after the parem, I don’t want any chance of her getting infected,” Matthias took a bottle, a syringe, and walked upstairs to Nina’s room.

“I don’t want my investment to get infected,” muttered Kaz, handing a bottle to Inej. She sighed in exasperation, taking it from his gloved hand. The slight touch sent ripples up and down both their bodies. Inej itched to reach out and peel Kaz’s mask off. Literally and figuratively.

Jesper saw Kaz and Inej tensing up, like they always did when they were near each other, and took his cue to leave. Jesper grabbed 3 vaccine doses and 3 syringes. One for himself, and the rest for Wylan and Kuwei. They were likely in the basement, experimenting with leaves and chemicals and who knew what else.

It was obvious something was off when Jesper entered the closed basement. The whole room was covered with hazy greenish gas, and it smelled like the king of durians. It wasn’t even durian season in the farmlands of Novyi Zem!

“What have you two been working on,” Jesper coughed, spotting their similar figure, hunched over various bowls and tubes. It was hard to tell them apart since Nina had done such a stellar job tailoring Wylan to look like Kuwei. They both looked up in surprise.

“A little of this and that. Sorry about the smell,” Kuwei answered sheepishly.

“Put these on,” Wylan’s voice sounded from the near identical figure closer to the door. He quickly handed a mask to Jesper.

It wasn’t much better with the mask on, but at least Jesper had stopped coughing. He showed them what he brought. “From Kaz.”

Kuwei nodded. “If this works, we might not need those brands.”

“What was that?”

The Shu boy shook his head. “Nevermind, nothing. Thanks for coming down here.”

Jesper lingered on, and for just a moment thought of asking Shu if he had just a bit of parem with him. Was Jesper really that desperate? It was this lockdown, driving him insane, pushing him to be even more reckless than usual. But then he thought of Nina upstairs, every inch of her skin hurting, as she battled against the pull of the addictive. He thought of Matthias sitting next to her in gutted worry.

And to Jesper’s surprise, his thoughts floated to Wylan, who was now eyeing him nervously.

Maybe there was something he-they could do after all, the Zemeni smiled slowly, naughtily. Teasing Wylan. Yes, that’s what Jesper would delightfully occupy his time with.

Hope you liked this Six of Crows fan fiction! I’ve also got some Lunar Chronicles fanfics for your enjoyment πŸ˜‰