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Marketing Chill Chats: Closing Remarks

Part 9 of 9!!! We hope you’ve found this video series informative and helpful!

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Marketing Chill Chats: Tangible – Intangible

This video series is back with Part 3 of 9, in which Frances discusses Tangible and Intangible concepts in marketing. I hope you’ve been enjoying this new segment of the site!

To take it a step further, consider purchasing a live counseling session with Frances and myself to help think through your small business or personal branding needs. You can also purchase it as a gift for someone else who might appreciate it. If you have any questions about the session, you can contact me.

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Marketing Chill Chats: Target Market

We hope you enjoyed the first segment of this video series: Expectations and Perceptions. The second segment goes into the topic of Target Market. It’s something I have learned to be extremely important, even before considering to start your business!

Research, research, research. Find how your product / service would really be a solution to your target market so that your happy customers become your strongest marketing arm.

If you find our conversation helpful, consider a private, personalized online consultation for your personal branding or small business with Frances and myself. You can also purchase the session as a gift for someone else!

Do you have any questions or feedback? Let us know in the comments!

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A New Video Series: Marketing Chill Chats!

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been 1 year since this website was launched for public! Since November 2020, this little corner of the internet has had 7K visitors, 17K views, 140+ posts, and 500+ likes. Thank you to everyone of you who has stopped by, read some of my thoughts, listened to my podcast, liked, commented, and perhaps even purchased something at the shop!

To celebrate one year, I am rolling out a special video series with the one and only Frances Bowden Affandy. Frances is a lecturer at School of Business Management in ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) on Principles of Marketing; Services Marketing; Consumer Behavior; and Sales Management. Her experience throughout her international career of 40+ years encompasses marketing and hospitality (from Boston, New York City, Kathmandu, to Bandung). For her detailed career history, visit here.

Marketing Chill Chats

This new video series consists of 9 segments. Each segment covers a topic in services marketing which I believe will be very interesting for those of you interested to learn more about the field, or perhaps for those of you keen on marketing your brand or small business.

Expectations & Perceptions

The first part covers expectations and perceptions of your consumers. If you find this content interesting, consider trying out a live, personalized consultation session with Frances and myself. You can also purchase this live consultation session as a gift for someone who is trying to market their personal brand and / or small business.

The second segment covering Target Market will be available 2 weeks from now on Thursday, 25th November 2021.

If you have any feedback, don’t be shy! Help us out by sharing your thoughts and comments. Again, thank you for going on this website journey with me!