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My Kindle Tour

Do you have an e-reader? Do you still remember the first time you got it? I have one of the first editions of the Amazon Kindle, which I got way back in my last year of college in Michigan, USA. This is something like 10+ years ago. Well, 13 years, to be precise.

Sometimes I have to really punch (the buttons), but other than that it’s still working splendidly!

The device is still with me, carried almost everywhere I go, faithful and beloved. It’s gotten a bit slower and the buttons must have accumulated dirt throughout the years. Sometimes I have to really punch it, but other than that it’s still working splendidly! It’s not a color kindle so I’m still experiencing everything on it black and white.

The Contents of My Kindle

My digital library is divided into 16 categories, totaling 297 books. The winner is fantasy at 99 books-no surprise. Following that is nonfiction at 42 books, classics at 35 books, and fiction at 34 books. The others are much smaller categories.

However, I have separate categories for Harry Potter (7), Diana Wynne Jones (21), and Shannon Hale (11). These are all fantasy books/authors, so the whomping total is 124 fantasy titles! Indeed I’m a fantasy geek, and I’ve always found my escapism in other magical universes.

Nose in a (digital) book.

Surprise or not, I do also read hot steamy stuff aka smut, but the titles I keep only total to 6 titles. I think I’m very picky about the type of smut I read because I’ve realized it’s not just about the sex! The most rewarding steamy books also deliver on plot, character development, and relationships with each other.

Last but not least, I do have a category for my writings (Nisha, Sacred Rituals, and more). Let me tell you even though it’s just a kindle, even though it’s just a digital copy, and even though it might just be on my own kindle library‚ĶI’m super proud of myself for contributing some titles to this little girl’s collection.

I hope you enjoyed my kindle tour! What’s on yours? Let me know in the comments!

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Sketches and Regrets Concept

Oky Kusprianto and I got married on the 25th of February 2017. He died on the 16th of June 2019 at the age of 42. Not a long life, and definitely not a long marriage for me.

He was an architect, quite famous in Bandung. In his short life, the number of designs he created was simply overwhelming. He was constantly sketching. One time we were caught in very bad traffic, and I asked him what he was thinking about. “I’m drawing in my mind,” he answered. That’s Oky for you.

During his funeral (it was a whole week-long process, one day I’ll write about it), his architecture friends gave me the idea to collect his designs in a book, as a tribute to his talent. They mentioned I would need the help of a fellow architect, curator, and writer: Setiadi Sopandi (commonly known as Cung).

Life has a weird sense of humor, doesn’t it? Because Cung and I hit it off and we got married in August 2020 (yes, a Covid wedding). The book? It happened, with the support of Realrich from OMAH Library.


The Sketches and Regrets concept evolved from an exhibition of Oky’s sketches and my writings, installed at Villa Gupondoro. The collection was curated by Cung, since the total amount of his work is still being collected even until now. Some of them were never built, some of them became spectacular icons in Bandung, for example, Babakan Siliwangi Forest Walk and Dusun Bambu Family Park. The title of both the exhibition and the book is Sketches and Regrets because throughout our relationship, there was one thing I regretted: that I did not experience his works more when he was alive.

But I do not wish to live my current and future life in this same constant regret. Now, I try to visit Oky’s creations regularly. I also try to visit Cung’s buildings. It’s fun. I enjoy getting insider info on how this pillar was not supposed to be there, or how the small interior details cost the client a leg and an arm.

Before publishing the book, Realrich said “I’m excited! OMAH Library has never yet published an architectural book from the perspective of the Mrs.” Don’t you just love that? I think it’s a real measure of Rich’s vision and open-mindedness for community.

Well OMAH, I’m still a Mrs. Architect now, so I hope I’ll continue to contribute a woman’s voice to your publications.

You can purchase the book here. If you happen to have read Sketches and Regrets, kindly drop an honest review on Goodreads.

With special thanks to translator Juhendy Setiawan and photographer Christian Nathanael.