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Struggling With Beauty Ideals

How many of you have wondered what it means to be beautiful? Or, who decides what is beautiful and what isn’t? I think all of us at some point of our lives have struggled with beauty ideals, perhaps women more so than men, though I am sure some men have it hard also.

I wrote a monologue about a young woman struggling with beauty ideals of facial hair, and made a Monologue Challenge to call for videos of the performance. I would like to thank all of you for participating and showing interest in this fun project.

The runner-up participant goes to none other than Krisan Wijaya, fellow bookworm and author of Cerita Carissa! I was so pleased when she said she would like to try the monologue performance. You can enjoy her 6 minute performance here.

Several notes about this video performance:

  1. Very creative and natural camera angle!
  2. Loved the ending of the scene, again very natural.

You can read the script of Pluck, Cut, Pluck here. Next post is the winner video!